Sebastian Jose Gines Romagosa Dalmau’s Ancestors


Sebastian’s ancestors can be traced back to 1070 in the Languedoc region in France and to the 1200s in Vallirana, near the town of Cervello in Catalunya, Spain. Names and relationships are mentioned in documents describing participation in official acts related to feudal accords or purchase of land allowing the identification of heirs before baptismal, marriage or death records were available after 1400.


Sebastian, who migrated to Cuba around 1785, was the son of Juan Jose Sebastian Romagosa Esparducer (1747-1794) and Rita Dalmau Romeu (1754-1817), both from Catalunya, Spain.  Sebastian’s genealogy was researched by the Catalan Romagosa family, particularly Melquiades Calzado, married to Montserrat Romagosa, who has taken an interest in tracing the various branches of their family in Catalunya, particularly the Lladoner and Begues branches.  Based on the information that Sebastian’s parents were a Juan Romagosa married to Rita Dalmau, from Sitges, they traced Sebastian’s ancestors from Sitges, to Corbera, Cervello, and finally to Vallirana, where they intersected with the Romagosas of el Lladoner in the mid 1500s. Jaime Romagosa Colomer, from whom the Cuban Romagosas descend, was the brother of Bernat Romagosa Colomer, who built the chapel honoring St. Francis on the Lladoner property in 1558, and also the originator of the Romagosa branch in Begues.


Ancestors of Sebastian Jose Gines Romagosa Dalmau

1) Juan Jose Sebastian Romagosa Esparducer (1747-1794)and Rita Dalmau Romeu (1754-1817). Juan Jose Sebastian  Romagosa Esparducer, baptized  on October 10, 1747,  married Rita Dalmau on February 19, 1771, in Sitges. Both Juan and Rita died and were buried in Sitges.   Juan and Rita had four children, all born in Sitges, and at least one, Sebastian, died in Manzanillo, Cuba.  

2) Juan Romagosa Figueras (1712-March 18, 1793) and Teresa Esparducer Mila (1720-May 1, 1790).  Juan and Teresa were married February 17, 1739/40 in Sitges. Juan was a mariner. Juan Romagosa Figueras and Teresa Esparducer had four children, all born in Sitges. Juan Jose Sebastian was the second child.

3) Jose Romagosa Cassanyes and Isabel Figueras, daughter of Jose Figueras, a mariner. Jose was born in Santa Maria de Corbera and Isabel in Sitges, where they were married on June 29, 1705.

4) Miguel Romagosa Rigual (or Rigol) and Elisabet Cassanyes, daughter of Juan and Mariana, from Sitges.  Miguel, from Sant Just in Corbera,  was a widower (first wife was Catalina Casals).  Miguel and Elisabet were married on September 15, 1676.  He died before 1705.

5) Francesch Romagosa Rosell and Elisabet Rigual, daughter of Miguel, from Corbera, and Elisabet. Francesc was from Cervello.  They were married on September 15, 1627.  Elisabet died by 1646. Here is where our branch diverges from the rest of the Begues branch described in the book by Vicente Medina.

6) Juan Romagosa Girona, from Begues and Eulalia Rosell, daughter of Francisco and Eulalia from Begues, were married on June 15, 1584. 

7)  Jaime (Jacobo) Romagosa Colomer and Magdalena Girona.  Jaime , born around 1513, was “cap de casa” in the “fogatge” of Begues in 1553, starting the Begues Romagosa branch.  They were married around 1537.  Jaime died on February 9, 1574 and Magdalena on March 26, 1574, possibly due to an epidemic.  Jaime’s brother, Bernat Romagosa Colomer, inherited el Lladoner and built the chapel on the property honoring St. Francis in 1558.

8) Bartomeu Romagosa, “alias Granada del Mas Lledoner,” and Juana Colomer, daughter of Antoni Colomer, from Vallfogona Parish.  Bartomeu, from el Lladoner was baptized at Sant Esteve of Cervello. Bartomeu and Juana were married on April 4, 1504.  Juana died on October 16, 1573 and Bartomeu on October 20, 1526. Bartolomeu is listed as inheriting the Lladoner property.

9) Pons Romagosa and Maria ̶ “del Lladoner” (last name not known). Pons was the first to have used the title “alias Granada” indicating the family had gained entitlement to the privileges of the Granada family .  He was cited as such from 1482 to 1507 when he died.  Pons is listed as inheriting the Lladoner property.

10) Bernat Romagosa died around 1483.

11) Esteve Romagosa. This generation is not clearly documented.

12) Nicolau Romagosa. This generation is not clearly documented.

13) Pere Romagosa is cited in 1310 at Lladoner, accompanies the Bishop of Barcelona in a tour of the diocese. 

14) Guillem de Romagosa, heir of Guerau de Romagosa, is cited in property records on November 30, 1275 and on March 1, 1299.

15) Guerau de Romagosa, of Vallirana/Lladoner, is cited in 1264 as a descendant of Guerau and on November 30, 1275.

16) Guerau de Romegouse, son of Ugo de Romegouse, moved to Catalunya, cited 1175-1228.

17) Ugo de Romegouse, son of Pere de Romegouse, Magistrate of Carcassone and Razes, Lord of Romegoux and Roullens, cited 1162-1193. 

18) Pere de Romegouse, cited 1159-1160.

19) Ugo de Romegouse, son of Raymond de Romegeuse, cited 1124 as witness to a pact of loyalty.

20) Raymond de Romegouse, cited 1124 as witness to a pact of loyalty.

21) Guillem de Romegouse, son of Raymond de Romegouse, cited 1070 as witness of a property sale in Languedoc.

22) Raymond de Romegouse, cited 1070 as witness of a property sale in Languedoc.