Other Romagosas in Cuba


There were other Romagosa families in Cuba that were not related to the Romagosa Dalmau family.  These families also came from Catalunya, in areas near Cervello and Vallirana, the ancestral property of the Romagosas.  This area has many Romagosa families that likely descend from the same family.   As is the custom in Catalunya, only the oldest son inherits the property (”casa pairal”) and the other sons must leave to make a living elsewhere.  It is likely that all the families are related if the genealogy is taken far enough into the past.    


Romagosa Cruset


Juan Romagosa Cruset (1909-1990) arrived by himself at Guantánamo, Cuba, in 1923, when he was only 15 years old.  From there he went to Havana where he became an engineer. Juan married Margot Jiménez Garriga.  They had two children, Juan Eugenio (Johnny), who studied at Belén Jesuit school, and Margarita, who married José Alvarez Bousa and had two children,  Margarita and José Luis.  Johnny, who has a doctorate in Psychology, married Silvia Cancio Bello.  They have one daughter, Silvia Margarita. A younger daughter, Irene, passed away in 1997.


The Romagosa Cruset family was from Arbós de Panadés, Tarragona, where the family had a vineyard.  Juan had two brothers.  Agustín, the eldest, inherited the “casa pairal” and the family vineyard.  Agustín had two daughters, Anita, married to Fontiella, and Mercedes, who did not have any children.  The other brother, José, had a jewelry store in Barcelona.  José had three children, José María, who inherited the jewelry store, Juan and Carlos.


 Romagosa Paetzold


Antonio Eusebio Romagosa, born in Barcelona, arrived in Havana when young.  He married  Margot Paetzold, daughter of Austria’s consul in Cuba.  Antonio worked for the United Fruit Company. They had two children:  Jorge, born October  12, 1927, and Antonio Carlos (Antón), born November 4, 1928.  The children grew up knowing several languages, including German and French.  Margot taught French at the school of the Sacred Heart in Havana.


Jorge, who was the manager of a grain company for 35 years, married Dulce González.  They had one daughter,  Ada Margarita (Maggie), born in 1951, married Francisco Javier Beguiristain, of Basque origin.  Maggie and Francisco had three sons: Jorge Luis, Alejandro, and Javier.

Antón married three times.  The first time, he married Albertina Montalvo Barreras, and had two sons, Carlos Alberto and Jorge Arturo.  In a second marriage, he married Teresita Clark, and had one son, Antonio Enrique.  He then married Berta, with whom he had one son, Ricardo.