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Francis Hutcheson
Biography of Francis Hutcheson
Historical Development: Introduction and Scope
Historical Development: An Academic Enlightenment
Moral Philosophy and Social Thought: The Purpose of Moral Philosophy
Moral Philosophy and Social Thought: The Moral Sense
Moral Philosophy and Social Thought: CommonGood
Moral Philosophy and Social Thought: Call to Action
Knowledge and Progress: The Social Value of Knowledge
Knowledge and Progress: Education
Political Thought: Social Organization
Political Thought: The Functions of Government
Political Thought: Human Rights
Political Thought: Political Leadership
Political Thought: On Political Change
Economic Principles: The Formalization of Economics
Economic Principles: Specialization and Industrialization
Economic Principles: Pricing and Production
Religion and Enlightenment: Enlightened Religion
Religion and Enlightenment: Toleration
Biography of David Hume
Biography of Adam Ferguson
Biography of George Turnbull
Biography of Adam Smith
Biography of William Robertson
Biography of Alexnder Carlyle
Role:  Presbyterian minister, influential philospher, writer and educator
Year of Birth:  1694
Place of Birth:  Drumalig, County Down, Ireland
Year of Death:  1746
Place of Death:  Dublin, Ireland