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Work Opportunities

One of the most important social values is the creation or support of jobs. Our selected spaces offer a number of opportunities that may facilitate obtaining employment. Clearly the best resource for this purpose is a college degree. There is college extension center, the Christian Brothers University Campus at the Crosstown Concourse, and the University of Detroit Mercy is withing walking distance of the Detroit Neighborhood HomeBase. But there are a number of individuals that may lack the time or resources to follow this path, and a number of other work support facilities are availble at our spaces, as descibed below.

Skill Training

Educational institutions provide specialized training in business techniques and crafts, often with goverment funding, and some of our urban spaces provide  skill training alternatives. The Church Health Clinic at Crosstown Concourse makes available internships that provide an opportunity to gain relevant experience in a variety of health care fields. Some of these can provide academic credit. The Crosstown Arts organization at the same center offers residencies for artists in many disciplines including visual and performing arts, music, film, and writing in all genres.

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An interesting organization that provides opportunities for skill development is the Detroit Collaborative Design Center which is part of the Detroit Neighborhood HomeBase. This center is anchored at the University of Detroit Mercy but it works closely with many other organizations. This school orients its academic programs towards working on community issues, and it combines the technical and artistic elements of Architecture with the knowledge and practice of social development. So in addittion to providing opportunites for its students to develop these skills, it also involves community leaders in this practice. Internships are also available for high school students to get an early start in these skills.

Craft Workspace

An important concern in developing a skill is to be able to practice this craft so as to learn it or improving it. For a beginner, it is difficult to be able to afford an individual shop. The Crosstown Arts Shared Art Making organization, for example, provides common access to facilities for digital arts, music, wood-working, printmaking, photography, and more.  They offer a specialized residency program with equipment that is peculiar to certain artistic disciplines. Residents are encouraged to experiment and explore new ideas. The Railyard Artisan Market and the Arts District at the Santa Fe Railyard and the Detroit Neighborhood Arts Project associated with the Detroit Neighborhood HomeBase provide opportunities for artists to display and market their talents. The BOK center may also facilitate craft development through  the availability of low-rental shops. A more unusual type of facility in the form of coworking desk space for entrepreneurs and nonprofits is offered by the Detroit Neighborhood HomeBase.

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